Banana Lung?

My cat Banana Stickers MD Pediatrics has been sick for 2 years with debilitating allergies, we had taken her to the vet multiple times and he just gave her steroid shots a couple of times and said that anymore would just harm her. Then last week she threw this up on our back porch and has been 95% better. I don’t know what it is. It’s blown my mind! To relate it better just imagine someone you love that can’t stop sneezing or keep snot from running down their face, gag every once an a while and spittle over the food their eating, their hair becomes matted and they lose a lot of weight and have glassy eyes yet still has the energy to function and even catch birds and lizards and the doctor doesn’t know what’s going on. Then one day they throw up something that looks like a nard? WTF?!!?
Video Rating: 5 / 5

This is our neighbour’s cat…it’s really cute…(and loud) and Scarlett likes her fluffy tail…I always give her a stroke as well..then regret it shortly after when I’m sneezing like a lunatic…(Allergy!!) Thanks for watching! xx

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