Funny Ragdoll kitten toilet humour & jail break attempt!

Our Ragdoll kitten, Chiko (Seal Lynx Point at 16 weeks) with his little brother Roman, a Seal Bi-Colour Ragdoll (the one that looks like a racoon) at 15 weeks. They have just discovered the flush button on the toilet and it is fast becoming their favourite play toy. Won’t be long now until they weigh enough to make it flush, but neither of them are afraid of the flushing noise, sound of vaccum cleaners, sound of hair dryers, washing machines etc as they now consider these to be normal everyday noises. At a later point I’ll add a video of the boys riding on the vaccum cleaner whilst I’m vaccuming – it is very cute! They are both absolutely stunning babies, very loving, attentive, outgoing, playful and affectionate. They purr when we touch them (even just picking them up and their motors go!), they purr when we talk to them, they purr when we are near them and they purr even when they see us. They are very quiet, with Chiko being the more vocal of the two – he has a little meow for when he is stuck or in some sort of trouble, when he knows mummy’s getting his dinner and when he is looking for me to get cuddles – he meows to let me know he wants me to pick him up and cuddle him, it is very sweet and he just purrs and purrs until he falls asleep in my arms. And our baby Roman loves to brush around our legs and look up at us lovingly with those huge deep sea blue eyes of his, he is SUCH an attention seeker and smooch. Although they are both boys, they love eachother very much
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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