News 13 in HD cc This Week in the News Tiger Woods Apology, Sarah Palin, Wolfman NOW CLOSED CAPTIONED FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED Let’s take a look at this weeks news.NOW IN HIGH DEF Tiger Woods apology, Joslyn James, Gloria Allred, Elin, Winter Olympics, Johnny Weir, The Wolfman, Benicio Del Torro, Charlie Sheen, Rogue Wave, Kirstie Alley, We Are The World, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie, Westmister Dog Show, Saide The Scotty Terrier, Sarah Palin, The Family Guy, Bush, Obama, Dick CHaney, Joe, Biden, Kevin Smith, King Tut, Simon CowellYoutrax tv News is a part of where you can see exclusive interviews and performances from your favorite Youtube artists, directors and comedians. Please subscribe to this channel. Thanks for the great comments. By the way, my show was just picked up by Netflix Player as well as Blink X which means almost 100 million more viewers are watching. Thanks to all. And PLEASE CHECK OUT HALLEY AND CAILIN AND SUB THEM, They’re cool http

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